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Gunzodus Client 10.94

#Tutor contest

15 Jul 2016

Hi dear players,
As topic says we are searching for some new fresh experienced tutors who might help the community.

All I would like to see under this post is something like why would you be the one who helps a lot,whats your experiences about tibia or gunzodus open tibia server or some more closes info about you.

I'll read all the applications under the post and choose wisely few tutors maybe senior tutors too.

All the tutors should be choosen for a longer period of time am sure.

Thanks for your attention.

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#DDos issue

25 Jun 2016

Due to we had ddos issue this friday we are enabling double experience for whole server at all,until the end of this weekend.

Also we are enabling 50% bonus points for the donations.

We have got the problem already under control this is kind of compensation for every loyal player we have.
We apologyze for the issues probably made to you...

We have also added some unactive chars to the Character Auction so it is possible to buy some chars yet.

All those changes might be enabled since next server save this morning.

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Jersey for everyone who logs IN!!

23 Jun 2016

Everyone who logs in until the end of the UEFA EURO 2016 championship gets free Jersey outfit so he can FAN to his own team in his own colors.
We have also added NPC Fadil in darashia who buys OtherWorld items
We have fixed lord of the elements ashes skinning.
Also we have changed changed critical chances on new weapons from 7-8% to 15% static.
We are also planning to add new life steal and mana drain weapons too but obtaining them is going to be same as on real tibia throught gold tokens from bosses on the otherworld.

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